Appraisals, Inventories, & Consultations

How do I get an estimate for the cost of my appraisal project?

Each appraisal assignment is different regarding scope of work and amount of research involved. We can provide you with a basic information package containing our fee schedule and a method of estimating cost based on the number of items to be appraised. A deposit of 50% of the estimate is required in advance, the balance due upon delivery of the report.

How do you charge for appraisals, inventories, and consultations?

We charge a flat hourly rate for inspection, research, analysis and report writing; charges for travel time, mileage, lodging (if any), printing / binding, and mailing are spelled out in the fee schedule.

Do you have a minimum charge?

There is a $250.00 minimum charge for any one appraisal report.

What is the difference between an Inventory Report and an Appraisal Report?

An inventory report provides detailed descriptive information and photographs of the property in question. Unlike an appraisal, it does not contain values, market conditions, etc.

Do you give verbal appraisals?

We do not provide verbal appraisals.

What is involved in a “walk-through” consultation?

This is a meeting with the client at the site location of the property to answer questions about age, origin, condition of the pieces, market trends, etc. Often we provide advice about the best venues for the sale of the property, or help the client determine whether they really need an appraisal.

Do you buy and sell antiques?

We do not buy and sell antiques, but can refer you to people who do.

Do you travel outside of Florida?

Yes, we do travel out of state. Travel and lodging expenses apply.

Restoration & Conservation

How do I get an estimate for my project?

No project is exactly the same, varying in complexity and scope of work. Services are billed at an hourly rate. After 30 years in the field, E.W. Nash & Son has developed price indexes for most pieces based on past experience and can provide accurate estimates of the expected cost. A 50% advance deposit is required on all projects.

How do you charge for restoration and conservation services?

In-shop restoration, conservation, repair and refinishing assignments are billed at a flat hourly rate.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Our minimum charge for any restoration, conservation, repair, or refinishing assignment  is $100.00.

When can I expect to get my piece back?

The time to complete a project depends largely on the complexity of the work, client requests, and our current back-log. As a rule, anything under 2 weeks is considered a “rush job” and extra charges may apply. For most straight forward projects, a normal turn-around is 4-8 weeks.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery?

The principals of E.W. Nash & Son offer “white glove” pick-up and delivery service in many instances. The fee is $35.00 per hour per man, $.60 per mile plus gas, and truck rental (if any). If a piece is too cumbersome or large, or there are a large number of pieces, we can provide our clients with a choice of reputable movers in the area who specialize in antiques.

Do you do on-site work?

As a general rule, E. W. Nash & Son does not do on-site restoration work. It is most often more economical to bring a piece into our studio than to make multiple trips to and from a client’s home. In the case of cleaning and waxing a client’s collection of furniture, or making minor repairs (e.g., re-gluing a piece of veneer), we can often perform such services on-site more economically in cost and time.

Do you restore paintings, do upholstery, seat caning, or repair crystal, silver and porcelain?

E. W. Nash & Son does not personally offer these services. However, we have excellent resources in some of these fields and will make recommendations to clients. The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) is also a great resource in finding skilled craftsmen.